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Grandview Gourmet, a summary

Grandview Gourmet is a small to medium output bake shop located in southern Vermont, specializing in Breads and Pastries. It is owned and operated by Chef Dylan Lester, a Culinary Artist, Gourmand, and Food Enthusiast, with nearly two decades of food service experience. Certified by the National Restaurant Association through the Prostart program, Chef Lester is also actively ServSafe certified. His years in food service have included Fine Dining establishments, Resorts, Mom and Pops, 25 seat Cafes to 2,000 seat Dining Halls and as such he has gained the experience and knowledge to offer and deliver exactly what you or your establishment requires.


One on One, Chef to Chef

With an extensive knowledge of ingredients, preparation techniques, and food science, Chef Lester can work with you and/or your Chef to create exactly what you want in the way you want. Chef Lester can help you with menu creation and pricing, so that you and or your customers get the best quality meal at the best price.


“Mi cocina es tu cocina”

“My kitchen is your kitchen” is the principal philosophy of Grandview Gourmet, and is meant to reflect a desire to be less like a manufacturer, and more like an employee. The kitchen at Grandview Gourmet should be viewed more as an extension of your own kitchen, and Chef Lester as an extra set of hands.


What do you need made? What do you want made? How do you want it made? Let Grandview Gourmet help you create and serve a great meal with the best ingredients at the highest quality.

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